Mission:  The Addictions and Mental Health Network of Champlain is an action-orientated, working network that collaborates to ensure the addiction and mental health system, from promotion to intervention, is truly client-centered and integrated.

Vision:  Our continuum of services provides hope and dignity while improving the health and service satisfaction of Champlain residents.  The Champlain area sets the standard for mental health and addictions for the province of Ontario.

The AMHNC is a Champlain LHIN recognized Community of Practice, representing all mental health and addictions services, both hospital and community-based, in the Champlain Region. AMHNC is one of the most unique Communities of Practice in that we have equal representation from four sectors; Addiction Services, Mental Health Services, Family Members and Clients. The inclusion of and equality that we respectively give to the clients and family members is what sets us apart from other committees or networks.

Key roles of the Council are:

• Coordinates the creation of the system strategic plan and annual Workplan via the full membership of the AMHN,
• Coordinates and directs the implementation of the strategic plan and annual Workplan,
• Facilitates system decisions based on agreed upon decision making mechanisms
• Coordinates communication with government, within addictions and mental, with partner networks and organizations
• Promotes system building, planning and gap identification
• Creates time-limited and task-focused Ad Hoc Committees and Working Groups as required and/or as mandated by the full Network.