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Hello everyone,


Thank you very much for giving Kevin and I time at your last meeting to collect your feedback on the provincial proposal: Patients First: A proposal to strengthen patient-centered healthcare. We very much appreciated your thoughtful comments and insights.


As we mentioned, we will be sharing your input with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Please find attached our notes from our discussion with you. Please let us know if we have incorrectly captured your comments or if there is anything you would like to add.


Again, thank you for your time and your ongoing partnership.




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Towards a person-centred health care system

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Dear members / participants in the AMHNC.

We look forward to our discussion on Thursday regarding the Minister’s consultation document on Patients First.

While we welcome feedback on all areas of the consultation, the following question may help to give some focus to a conversation on addictions and mental health services:


To provide care that is more integrated and responsive to local needs, make LHINs responsible and accountable for all health service planning and performance

Identify smaller regions as part of each LHIN to be the focal point for local planning and service delivery

1.            What other local organizations can be engaged to ensure patients are receiving the care they need when they need it (ie should mental health and addictions agencies be engaged)? What Role should they play?



Bring the planning and monitoring of primary care closer to the communities where services are delivered. LHINs, in partnership with local clinical leaders, would take responsibility for primary care planning and performance management.

Set out clearly the principles for successful clinical change, including engagement of local clinical leaders.

2.            How can we support primary care providers in navigating and linking with other parts of the system?


And in general:


3.            How do we create a platform for further service integration, such as enhanced community mental health and addictions services?

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